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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • How to Choose Between a Traditional and Modern Gazebo

    Gazebos have had a place in outdoor spaces for centuries, providing shade, a meeting place, and shelter in gardens. Recently, modern gazebos have become a favorite in the shade structure market, providing homeowners with a very different approach to the traditional gazebo. How different are these structures, what characterizes each, and which works best for your outdoor space? Continue reading

  • 4 Things You Must Consider Before Building a Pergola

    Including a pergola in a backyard brings structure, beauty, and some much needed shade and shelter to an outdoor space. Whether you are considering building a pergola from scratch or purchasing a pergola kit, consider these four points to ensure a smoother pergola project. Continue reading

  • Wood Pergola Guide: How To Choose Between The Top 5

    A pergola built from wood can be a substantial and lovely addition to a home. Wood adds weight and elegance to a garden structure and more importantly, provides the ideal neutral canvas onto which homeowners can add their own touches of style. Before building or purchasing a wood pergola, consumers can benefit from first looking into some of the most popular wood options available. Each wood offers its own set of advantages and features, all of which can help guide a consumer's decision when it comes to choosing the perfect wood pergola kit.

    Continue reading

  • The 5 Most Common Questions About Retractable Canopy Fabrics

    A homeowner in the process of assessing sun and rain protection alternatives has a lot of questions. Even after deciding that mounting a retractable canopy to an overhead structure is their best option, questions remain regarding fabric color selection, material options, and warranties.

    Take a look at our five most common questions regarding retractable canopy fabrics: Continue reading

  • Outdoor Living Spaces: How They Will Affect House Plans by 2015

    Blended spaces and outdoor living spaces are redefining how America lives, but also how they build their homes. A surprising new trend in the housing market shows that home buyers are stepping away from the traditional, large interior layout that has defined the average American home for the last few decades and turning instead to smaller interiors with larger outdoor living spaces. In fact, there has been a 10% increase in outdoor living space areas in new house plans for 2015, as well as a 46% increase in demand for blended spaces that deliver a seamless transition from the interior to the outdoor space. Continue reading

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