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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Outdoor Lighting Ideas: Your Complete Guide

    You have spent a great deal of time designing and decorating your outdoor space, selecting everything from the perfect outdoor structure to the right furniture to set within your outdoor living or dining room. Outdoor lighting can enhance your outdoor space, creating a more intimate and safe experience. The following guide highlights various outdoor lighting ideas and how to use each lighting option to maximize the use of your outdoor area. Continue reading

  • Tips for Creating The Ultimate Outdoor Nesting Space

    Nesting is typically associated with snuggling up indoors, but as outdoor spaces become more intimate, they are proving to be great secondary spaces for the nester in any of us. Improvements in outdoor furniture, structures, and accessories make outside nesting spaces a favorable option. Follow these three simple steps to start cozying up to your outdoor space. Continue reading

  • Hot Tub Design Tips for Maximizing Your Outdoor Experience

    Today's hot tubs are true luxury items, delivering everything from molded chairs to focused foot and back massages. The way you choose to integrate and accessorize your hot tub and the surrounding area will ultimately determine the experience of the outdoor space. Consider these hot tub design tips to help enhance your experience. Continue reading

  • Rooftop Lounges: A Guide For Transforming Your Urban Space

    As cities get more crowded and summers get hotter, many urban structures are implementing rooftop living spaces. Rooftop areas are an optimal, and green, way to transform a high rise space into a soothing and comfortable place of relaxation. Rooftop lounges create more viable square footage in a home or building and, when combined with plants and greenery, work to cool a roof in the summer months. Follow this simple guide for help on designing the ultimate rooftop living room. Continue reading

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