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Outdoor Furniture

  • Three Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Dining Experience

    Hosting a dinner party indoors is one thing, but an outdoor dinner party takes hosting to a whole new level. When the warm weather is in full swing, nothing can top having a few friends over for dinner under the stars. Before your next dinner party, what can you do to optimize your outdoor dining space for entertaining? Here are a three tips to get your backyard or veranda ready for the ultimate al fresco dining experience. Continue reading

  • Your Guide For Protecting Outdoor Furniture

    As outdoor living areas become more complex, rivaling the most elaborate and well-dressed interiors, many homeowners are finding themselves challenged in terms of protecting outdoor furniture in their outdoor rooms. With upholstered fabrics on couches, entertainment systems, and even lighting fixtures forming the modern outdoor “living room”, homeowners need innovative ways for protecting outdoor furniture and valuables without encroaching on the open and free nature of this type of space. Continue reading

  • Shade Fabrics: UV Protection for You and Your Outdoor Space

    By now most of us understand that the sun’s rays— or, more specifically, the UV in those rays — can be potentially harmful to us and our health. With this in mind, many of us turn to protective options including sunscreen and protective shade fabrics used in Shade Voila's canopies. Continue reading

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