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Outdoor Inspiration

  • Outdoor Fabric Ideas for Creating Your Own Personal Oasis

    One of the best kept secrets in a beautifully decorated home is the subtle use of fabrics that serve to compliment furniture, windows, floors and accent pieces. Choosing the appropriate fabrics for any space in the home will help bring a room together through consistent themes and patterns. The following outdoor fabric ideas apply this same concept to the design and plan of your outdoor space, helping you create an open air extension of your home with all the style and function of the indoors.

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  • Beat the Heat with These Four Outdoor Shade Solutions

    Basking in the sun's rays is a universal past-time, countless hours are spent soaking up the warm days of summer. However, when temperatures reach record highs and the heat is too much to bare, exposing yourself to the sun can quickly become too much of a good thing. Most times, we retreat in doors to the relief of an air-conditioned room, but don't sweat it, I outline four shade solutions that will have you made in the shade. Continue reading

  • Get Inspired with these Three Unique Pergola Decorating Ideas

    Incorporating a pergola into the designs of your outdoor space can add considerable economic and functional value to your home. Whether you choose to build the structure adjacent to your home or construct it as a stand-alone feature, you can rest assured that this will become the preferred space of both relaxation and entertainment. The simple yet beautiful design of the pergola has withstood the test of time, however, without your own personal touch, the structure will remain 'unfinished'. There are many different ways to decorate your pergola, but keep in mind, it should reflect your own style and tastes. Listed below are some of the most popular pergola decorating ideas.

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  • Four Ideas for Creating Form and Function Outdoors

    In the past, the backyard has been a relatively utilitarian place, characterized by minimal furniture and rugged decorative elements. Recently, however, the outdoor space has experienced a transformation, turning into an integrated part of the home, and one that combines both form and function when put together correctly. By making the right structural choices and selecting the right furniture and accessories, you can create an outdoor space that serves as a fully functional and beautiful place to relax, entertain, and gather with friends. Continue reading

  • Five Tips for Extending Your Outdoor Living Season

    Outdoor living spaces are hardly limited to the summer months. A number of accessories, coverage options, and weatherproof materials can make your deck or patio the ideal hangout during those cold winter months. Learn how to extend your outdoor living season by considering the five tips listed below. Continue reading

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