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Outdoor Lighting

  • Choosing the Perfect Pergola Lighting Solution

    Whether you use your pergola to relax with a good book or enjoy a perfect al fresco lunch, this comfortable outdoor space is always the hub for entertaining during daylight hours. As your outdoor space grows in sophistication, it is only natural to desire a daily prolonging of your convenient 'staycation'. With the proper pergola lighting solution, you can turn all your relaxing days into entertaining evenings. Continue reading

  • Outdoor Lighting Ideas: Your Complete Guide

    You have spent a great deal of time designing and decorating your outdoor space, selecting everything from the perfect outdoor structure to the right furniture to set within your outdoor living or dining room. Outdoor lighting can enhance your outdoor space, creating a more intimate and safe experience. The following guide highlights various outdoor lighting ideas and how to use each lighting option to maximize the use of your outdoor area. Continue reading

  • Gazebos: Creating an Outdoor Living Room

    Who ever said a room has to be inside? The latest big news in “interior” design? Outdoor rooms. After all, we all love our homes… but sometimes we just need a change of scenery and a bit of fresh air, right? This new trend in home decoration and design is redefining what it means to be “in for the evening” and can be an exciting, new way to transform your home and increase its value. Continue reading

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