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Outdoor Structures

  • Pergola Kits: Why You Will Benefit From a Custom Solution

    Pergola kits, customizable kits that include retractable shades, are building a strong reputation as the most convenient and user-friendly of the market’s high-end pergola options. Given their preeminence as a home improvement solution, let’s take a look at some of the details and associated benefits of pergola kits. Continue reading

  • Pergola Design: Attached vs. Freestanding

    When finalizing the specs of a new pergola design, one consideration should become rather prominent in your decision-making, whether to incorporate a freestanding or attached pergola into your outdoor space. Both types of pergola can bring interesting and dynamic notes to your pergola design and enhance the look, feel and style of your home. Continue reading

  • Pergola Canopies: Topside vs. Underside Shade Covers

    Pergolas do a lot of things. They look good. They define a space, and often times they support items that make outdoor living more comfortable. Depending on how ‘loaded’ your pergola is will help you determine if you need a topside mounted canopy system or not.

    For example, in the south, fans are a popular item to add to a pergola. In the north, radiant heaters are a favorite. No matter where they are located, speakers, light fixtures, bug zappers, flat screen TV’s have all made a place for themselves under the rafters of a pergola. Continue reading

  • Pergolas: Adding Value to Outdoor Living Spaces

    You’ve invested time and money in making your home the place of your dreams and a place of value. Ideally, your home is a living thing, a space that evolves with you over time and adjusts to changes in lifestyle, taste, and the seasons.

    When adding those new, necessary touches that come up on occasion, your first priority, of course, is making sure that the accessories and additions you choose for your home add to its overall value and appeal. After all, you’ve already put so much effort into imbuing your space with meaningful touches; plus, your home is an investment that is meant to last and increase in value over time. Continue reading

  • Pergola Plans: Choosing the Right Size

    You have decided on or perhaps are seriously considering incorporating a pergola into the outdoor space of your home. Now comes the fun part, making the aesthetic choices, the little touches that will make the pergola a stunning addition to your home. Of course, there are also pragmatic issues to consider, as well. One that many new pergola owners forget to consider is determining the right size for a space with regards to a pergola plan. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when determining what size is the right size for your new pergola. Continue reading

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