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  • Planning an Outdoor Space with Mother Nature

    When planning an outdoor space, let nature be your guide. Your outdoor living space should be where lifestyle and nature meet. During the planning process, survey your yard and find the natural features you enjoy. Those features can include flowering plants and bushes, trees, a particular view, a pond, stones or even a rolling hill. Continue reading

  • Planning an Outdoor Space with Smooth Transition

    When planning an outdoor space, you should consider transitioning the interior and exterior space of your home to get maximum enjoyment and sheer convenience. Continue reading

  • How do you Measure Up When Planning an Outdoor Space

    An expansive yard is not necessary when planning an outdoor space. Whether your space is small and intimate or large and spacious, creating a comfortable outdoor area is conceivable for any size property. Continue reading

  • Climate Counts When Planning an Outdoor Space

    The inspiration has struck and you have decided to create an outdoor living space. Planning an outdoor space is a long process, but essential to maximize the enjoyment of your soon to be retreat. Yes, sifting through design ideas is exciting, but you must begin with the fundamentals. Continue reading

  • The Simple Start to Planning an Outdoor Space

    The winter is slowly coming to a close, but that does not mean you should not start planning an outdoor space for the summer.  Contemporary outdoor living spaces are no longer to be defined by a patio table, umbrella or tiki torch. This recent evolution is attributed in part to the remarkable selection of high quality outdoor accessories now available to consumers. Continue reading

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