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  • Hot Tub Design Tips for Maximizing Your Outdoor Experience

    Today's hot tubs are true luxury items, delivering everything from molded chairs to focused foot and back massages. The way you choose to integrate and accessorize your hot tub and the surrounding area will ultimately determine the experience of the outdoor space. Consider these hot tub design tips to help enhance your experience. Continue reading

  • Rooftop Lounges: A Guide For Transforming Your Urban Space

    As cities get more crowded and summers get hotter, many urban structures are implementing rooftop living spaces. Rooftop areas are an optimal, and green, way to transform a high rise space into a soothing and comfortable place of relaxation. Rooftop lounges create more viable square footage in a home or building and, when combined with plants and greenery, work to cool a roof in the summer months. Follow this simple guide for help on designing the ultimate rooftop living room. Continue reading

  • Your Guide For Protecting Outdoor Furniture

    As outdoor living areas become more complex, rivaling the most elaborate and well-dressed interiors, many homeowners are finding themselves challenged in terms of protecting outdoor furniture in their outdoor rooms. With upholstered fabrics on couches, entertainment systems, and even lighting fixtures forming the modern outdoor “living room”, homeowners need innovative ways for protecting outdoor furniture and valuables without encroaching on the open and free nature of this type of space. Continue reading

  • Aluminum Pergola Kits: The Modern and Maintenance Free Solution

    Today's aluminum pergola kits and gazebos are nothing like the options of the past, extending a wide range of benefits to home or business owners in terms of design, maintenance, and flexibility. Given these range of advantages, aluminum pergola kits have become a popular outdoor living addition and have challenged the traditional wood and PVC vinyl alternatives. Continue reading

  • How to Choose Between a Traditional and Modern Gazebo

    Gazebos have had a place in outdoor spaces for centuries, providing shade, a meeting place, and shelter in gardens. Recently, modern gazebos have become a favorite in the shade structure market, providing homeowners with a very different approach to the traditional gazebo. How different are these structures, what characterizes each, and which works best for your outdoor space? Continue reading

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