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  • How to Measure for Pergola Curtains

    Outdoor rooms created by a pergola extend many advantages to a homeowner. At times, however, you may want a bit more privacy, shelter from the sun, or even a barrier between you and elements such as the wind. A Shade Voila pergola curtain kit allows you to mount a seamless track to your pergola, giving you a reliable, high quality way to create shelter and privacy as needed. Before selecting a pergola curtain kit it is important to determine the exact length of curtain you will need to create the desired result. Continue reading

  • Shade Fabrics: UV Protection for You and Your Outdoor Space

    By now most of us understand that the sun’s rays— or, more specifically, the UV in those rays — can be potentially harmful to us and our health. With this in mind, many of us turn to protective options including sunscreen and protective shade fabrics used in Shade Voila's canopies. Continue reading

  • Pergola Curtains Guide: How to Choose Your Fabric

    One of the most exciting choices you can make when selecting new pergola curtains is choosing what type of fabric you’re going to use. This is when you get to start really focusing in on the look and feel of your pergola. The first choice you need to make is deciding between solid and sheer pergola curtains. Continue reading

  • Pergola Plans: Where to Start with Your Outdoor Living Space

    A pergola is a special addition to your home that can really transform your outdoor living space into the ultimate outdoor experience. While customizable pergola kits have made getting the right pergola for your space a breeze, many of us get a bit intimidated by the process and don’t know where to begin. Here are some tips on how to start with your outdoor space and some ideas that will get your creative thinking going with your pergola plans. Continue reading

  • Outdoor Kitchens: How to Get the Most Out of Yours

    In outdoor living design, outdoor kitchens have taken a real leap forward and are redefining what it means to have a backyard. Today’s outdoor kitchens are full-service set-ups, with all the amenities and benefits of an indoor kitchen. The backyard barbeque is now a marquee event, and hosts and hostesses can actually enjoy their outdoor events instead of staying isolated in an indoor kitchen preparing food. Continue reading

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