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Are Shade Voila Pergolas and Gazebos DIY products?

Yes definitely! When you order Shade Voila products, all the parts and materials you need are included in the kit we ship to you.
It takes 2 people approximately 3 hours to install.

What makes Shade Voila products different from others in the marketplace?
Shade Voila offers outdoor comfort with style. With it's patented retractable canopy, Shade Voila offers protection for the elements when you need it and retracts to the open sky when you don't.. And because it uses ShadeFX single track technology, it will never bind or jam.
Shade Voila pergolas and gazebos install quickly and easily. Our products are constructed with the highest grade of materials made to last and be maintenance free.
What fabrics can I choose for the canopy?
Shade Voila products use the following fabrics:
Sunbrella: Fade and water resistant with over 100 colors. Custom colours may be ordered for an additional cost and slightly longer delivery time.
Harbor Time: Fade resistant and waterproof, 13 colors.
What warranty do you offer?
Frame and Mechanism Warranty: 10 years
Sunbrella Water Resistant Fabric Warranty: 5 years. See Sunbrella website for full details.
Harbor-Time Waterproof Fabric Warranty: 5 years
What do I do with my pergola or gazebo in the winter?
Your pergola and gazebo is manufactured of the highest grade materials and therefore minimal maintenance for winter is required. Your canopy needs to be taken down and stored during the winter months of colder climates. Do not operate canopy in freezing temperatures.